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Ne’erday dookers take icy plunge

Around 40 brave souls took to the icy waters of Brodick Bay on New Year’s day to celebrate the new year in a tradition known as the Douglas Dook.

Dookers take the plunge in New Year’s Day dips

And this year other villages got in on the act with Lochranza and Corrie and Blackwaterfoot all holding New Year’s Day dooks of their own, and, of course, they all followed the Lamlash Dook on Boxing Day covered by the Banner last week.

Never too old to go in for a dook

While some donned wetsuits others walked calmly into the sea at Lamlash Pier in the swimming costumes to make the short swim round the pier before emerging to some comforting towels being held by their family and friends.

Another splash in Lamlash

A small group of hardy swimmers from Lamlash took to the water for a New Year’s Day dook off the Lamlash Pier