Tag: Arran Horticultural Society

Spring flower show is back

Organisers have confirmed that the date of Saturday March 26 has been set for the return of the Spring Flower Show which will be open to the public between 2pm and 4pm with teas, coffees, home baking and a raffle all adding to the usual attractions.

Arran in bloom at spring show

The Arran Horticultural Society host two shows a year, the spring show and a show in summer which, this year, will take place on Wednesday August 14.

Society in good health

Reports from the AGM of the Horticultural Society show that it is doing well and is flourishing

Botanical brilliance on display at summer show

Green fingered gardeners had a chance to display their carefully nurtured buds and blooms at the well attended Summer Horticultural Show which took place at the Lamlash Community Theatre last Wednesday.