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Arran Economic Group sets its sights on 2030

The Arran Economic Group have their sights set on the challenges and opportunities leading up to and including the new decade and will be discussing these topics at a public meeting next week.

Affordable housing is most pressing crisis

The latest tourist information reports show us with continued growth of 5 per cent in revenue year on year. Our quality of life survey shows that Arran remains in the top 10 per cent in Scotland.

Take the quality of life survey

There are a variety of questions covering the local environment, tourism, health, leisure, economy and importantly this time, housing.  The wide-ranging nature of the questions is required because ‘quality of life’ involves many different topics.

Trust needs you to help housing push

Having secured £8 million in funding to build approximately 56 new affordable homes by the spring of 2021, ADT are currently looking at developing three areas on Arran for the affordable housing.