Arran Banner letters – week 05, 2021


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Vaccination disappointment


Having blood cancer, I was pleased to be offered a vaccine appointment at 9.23am on Monday this week.

I turned up at 9.20am only to be told that NHS Ayrshire and Arran hadn’t ‘put the vaccines on the ferry,’ so my jag was cancelled and I was instead told that ‘we may contact you again, in the next few weeks’.

To put it politely, I am bitterly disappointed and I should add, others were also told the same bad news.

Last week, our First Minister promised that vaccine volumes were being rapidly increased, yet the daily numbers from last Wednesday to Saturday tell a very different tale: Wednesday 25,327, Thursday 24,962, Friday 23,583 and Saturday 22,213.

Perhaps we should make far more use of the Army?


Ian Clinton,



Vaccination praise


As a recipient of the recent Covid-19 jab here on Arran, I along with many of my friends would like to thank the entire Arran Medical Team and local hospital staff for all their efforts in procuring and delivering the vaccine.

The organisation was excellent, from the phone call making your appointment to the actual injection at Arran High School. They all obviously worked outwith normal working hours, giving up their spare time at the weekend to carry out the vaccination programme and serve the community.

The whole process was so smooth, very efficient and totally painless, in both senses as I didn’t feel the jab. Everyone was so friendly, caring and professional. It was a great example of teamwork to help enhance the health of this community.

So a big thank you to everyone involved in any way in making this possible and for helping us fight the virus. It is greatly appreciated.


Fiona Henderson



Fitting tribute


As the Lamlash Burns Club enters its centenary year I thought the poem about a gathering held by some of the members is a fitting tribute to those who are no longer with us.


Archie Nicol



Ormidale Burns Club 26th February 1994

In the bield O’ Tommy Gilmore

On an evenin’ in the spring

Met a core O’ gangrel bodies

Keen tae mak’ the rafters ring.


George Boal the gifted chairman

Tellt me he would set the pace

Said he’s just the chiel tae dae it

Wi’ his dignity an’ grace.


The same grace gi’ed Willie Crawford

Kindly Corrie man is he

Beg Kilmarnock first editions

An he’ll find ye wan for free.


Haggis piped in by Stewart Lambie

Then McKelvie praised it fair

Heids an’ airms an’ legs he threatened

As his blade sheared through his hair.


Ben the hoose cam oor big Henry

Steeped in Burns is he ower years

E’en for laughs, or sentimental,

He can hae us a’ in tears.


Efter sober Andrew Raeburn

Willie Innes cam alang

Saying ‘Keep the drams a-flowing an ah’ll

sing ye a’ a sang’.


There were Anderson an’ Nicols

baith the auld man an’ the boy

Each determined in his ain wey

This great evening tae enjoy.


Then that handsome chiel ca’ed Duncan

Cam wi Sandy the Mclaren

Saying they’d dance a drunken Hornpipe

Never seen afore in Arran.


Ower the String tae join the frolic

Weaved DDS an’ Colin C.

For a chorus Alcoholic

Each man says ‘There’s nane like me’.


Then atomic Ken frae Harwell

Holy Willie pit tae prayer

Said ‘ Ah think ah’m getting typecast

As bigot-that’s no fair’.


That smart young man McKellar

Praised the Ladies by an by

Lindsay Keir near had us hairless

wi’ this delicate reply.


Young Jake Kerr did recitation

Nicol Hume addressed us too

Russell Dobson said he loved it

But was clearly mair than fu’.


Mr Keir an’ Mr Bilsland

Cam wi’ Mr Robert Brass

Gave the do a touch of culture

Each a Bearsden Gent of Class.


That skianach ca’ed Nicholson

A Burns disciple he

Said ‘Ach tae hell ah’ve done enough’

An’ had the evening free.


Last, alang cam Ernest Ribbeck

Sober quite beyond belief

Got a job lined up next winter

Tourist Guide in Tenerife.


Th’ immortal toast gave Willie C

Loved hearing a’ these turns

He hoped that they that still could stand

Would rise an’ drink tae Burns.


William Currie,