Arran Banner letters – week 41

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Opening the door


It was with a growing sense of irritation that I read the letter from
Mr Cruickshank in last week’s edition of the Arran Banner in which he
suggests that the second opinion of an epidemiologist might clear the
way for entertaining a guest in his home.

The correspondent and guest are over 70 – as indeed am I – and therefore in the ‘vulnerable’ category. We have all heaped criticism on the comings and goings of
Margaret Farrier MP, Robert Genrick MP, Dr. Catherine Calderwood and
Dominic Cummings – whose actions were in breach of the coronavirus
restrictions and we should be better than them and observe the rules
because it may save our lives and those of others!

I well remember the furore in 1973 and 1983 when motorcycle crash helmets and car seatbelt legislation came into force – these laws saved lives and that is
what the coronavirus restrictions are trying to do. Ignoring the
rules for ones own gratification simply opens the door to possible


Brian Grindall,


Political games


After seeing the recent reports regarding the loss of revenue experienced by Arran. I feel that it is important that you put the blame squarely at the SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon.

We had booked a holiday on Arran for the end of August/September and looked forward to revisiting your beautiful island. However, due to the messages constantly given out by Ms Sturgeon we decided that travelling from England to Arran was going to be traumatic as we did not know from one day to the next if she was going to put restrictions on the crossing from England to Scotland. She has such a deep hatred of the English and at any moment she was possibly going to put restrictions on which would have greatly affected our holiday and caused great distress.

I feel that your island should be pushing for compensation from the Scottish government and that they should start behaving like adults and not playing political games with peoples holidays.

Just to finish we have rebooked for June 2021 and look forward to a stress feel journey.


Yvonne Jamieson,


Wellbeing is priority

A copy of this letter was also sent to VisitArran. Here is executive director Sheila Gilmore’s reply.

Hi Yvonne,

I’m so sorry that you felt the need to cancel your break to Scotland due to the possible impacts of the Covid-19 restrictions.

VisitArran is completely apolitical, and as such I cannot respond to your comments about the First Minister.  However, the Scottish government are very aware of the situation and businesses have been able to access a range of support and funding programmes specifically. We are living in ever changing circumstances, and it is difficult for everyone in the country to keep track of the restrictions.

We have been very fortunate in that there have been no cases on Arran since April, but we are not complacent and recognise that we’ve been very lucky in that many people have been able to come to our island on holiday. Equally, we do recognise that this may not always be possible.

The health and wellbeing of our small community is our priority, and as such, we must follow the guidelines published by the Scottish government, as well as encouraging community and visitors with our #WeAreArran poster.

I am very glad that you are booked for 2021 – let us hope that this pandemic is behind us by then.


Sheila Gilmore,

Executive director,


A joy to my EV needs


I wrote in to the Banner in August about the outdated and antiquated 1st Generation EV charging point at the Auchrannie Hotel in Brodick, and how for many years it had been inoperable, never functioning correctly, failing to connect and more often than not off line completely.

I am delighted now that six weeks after the Banner published my letter to see the Auchrannie has installed a brand new 7.2W 32A, RolecEV Charge point at the Playbarn where the old unit was positioned. It’s plug in and charge now, takes less than 5 seconds to plug in your cable and start charging , a joy to my EV needs and those of many others who can now rely on this charge point in the future.

Also in response to a follow up story in August about online phone applications being able to show if chargers were in use etc,  I was fully aware of this, however the Auchrannie never showed out of service, or in use, because it wasn’t connecting with the servers – a vicious circle. Some apps will show units last charge date, and those who have checked-in to let other EV users know if the units are working a function now that will be most helpful to EV users coming to the Island in the future.  A great thank you to the Auchrannie for finally updating their technology with a modern functional and hopefully reliable new charging station .

No more worries on island visits for me, thank you again.


Paul McDowall,

The new EV charging point at Auchrannie. NO_B41letters01

Seagull antics

I really liked Sharon Wedge’s seagull photo last week’s Banner.
I wonder if it could be the same bird that took a liking to my golf shoes at Shiskine Golf Club. After it finished untying my laces it then proceeded to play fetch with my golf ball.
I have a video of each caper. I wonder what Mr Cassels would make of these antics!


Graeme Thomson,

The seagull playing fetch ball at Shiskine. NO_B41seagull01 and NO_B41seagull02