Gibson re-elected with an increased majority

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Patricia Gibson easily retained the North Ayrshire and Arran seat for the SNP more than doubling her majority on a good night for the Scottish National Party at the General Election.

Mrs Gibson secured her return to Westminster with a majority of 8,521, winning 48.5 per cent of the vote – more than the Conservatives and Labour combined, a result repeated across many parts of Scotland.

She is one of 48 SNP MPs across Scotland to return to Westminster this week.

Speaking after the results Mrs Gibson said: ‘The General Election result was a clear victory for the SNP across Ayrshire and Scotland.

‘I am honoured that North Ayrshire and Arran’s people have again placed their trust in me to represent them at Westminster.

‘We fought this election in the belief that Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands. No Prime Minister, no government has the right to deny Scotland this choice.  The UK Government has already accepted that the people of Scotland are sovereign. Democracy demands that the voice of Scotland’s people is heard.

‘We now face an emboldened Tory Prime Minister with a significant majority who has been comprehensively rejected by Scotland.  Yet we are being asked to endure that for which we did not vote.  If the SNP does not have a mandate to decide its future because it “only” won 45 per cent of the vote, then by the same token, the Prime Minister does not have a mandate, since he only won 43 per cent across the UK and 25 per cent in Scotland.

‘As Labour faces up to yet another catastrophic failure to win voters’ trust, Scotland has embraced the message of hope; rejecting austerity and Brexit and continuing our path towards a more inclusive, just, fair and equal society.  That is what Scotland wants.  No Prime Minister has the right to deny the Scotland’s people that opportunity and our voice will be heard.’

Conservative candidate David Rocks finished second in the poll. North Ayrshire and Arran constituency chairman Richard Wilkinson said: ‘This election has proven locally that the Scottish Conservatives are the only Party in a position to challenge the SNP – both nationally and locally.

‘Nicola Sturgeon continues to call for a second independence referendum claiming a mandate when their national vote was 45 per cent on a 66 per cent turnout. She says herself that many people lent their vote to the SNP this time – 55 per cent of voters backed Unionist parties.  I believe that it is time all Unionists came together to counter Ms Sturgeon’s bid to break up the most successful union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’

The full results were:

Patricia Gibson, Scottish National Party (SNP), 23,376

David Rocks, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, 14,855

Cameron Gilmore, Scottish Labour Party, 6,702

David Nairn, Scottish Green Party, 1,114

Louise Young, Scottish Liberal Democrats, 2,107

The percentage turnout for North Ayrshire and Arran 65.6 per cent – this compares to 64.9 per cent  in the previous UK Parliamentary Election held in 2017. The total number of votes cast was 48,269, with 115 rejected ballot papers.


Patricia Gibson was re-elected MP for North Ayrshire and Arran. NO_B51patricia