A fine floral festival

All of the prize winners at this year's Arran Horticultural Society Summer Show.

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Pg 14/15 heading: Blooming brilliance on display at summer show

Pg 16 heading: Horticultural show results

Words and photos by Colin Smeeton

Green fingered gardeners and creative children all ensured that the annual Arran Horticultural Society summer show was a blooming success with a huge amount of flowers, plants, vegetables and floral arrangements on display.

The show which took place at Arran High School covered a vast array of disciplines including ten sections covering cut flowers, pot plants, decorative arrangements, fruit, vegetables, baking, produce, handcrafts, photographic and a children’s category.

The show once again attracted a large entry in the children’s category which included flower bouquets, jewellery and miniature gardens along with artworks and items made from recycled materials.

Equally popular was the baking category which saw rows of tables laden with impressive sweet treats and scones, pancakes and cakes of all varieties.

The most avidly contested sections naturally were those involving vegetables, fruit and flowers. Filling the entire theatre was a forest of prize plants and shrubs and an assortment of fruit and vegetables that far exceeded those, both in size and appearance, that are available in supermarkets and shops.

Society president John Sillars said: ‘Thank you to the committee and all of the participants involved in this year’s Summer Show. Both the judges and I commend all of the participants on the exceptionally high quality of the entries, particularly in the children’s categories. The entrants have once again exhibited an exceptional degree of talent and skill, especially in the growing sections where they have had to contend with the vagaries of the weather.’

Bringing the show to its conclusion a prize-giving was held where 22 trophies were awarded for various categories and achievements. Society treasurer Angela Cassels, a regular trophy winner herself and recipient of this year’s Chris Hall Rose Bowl Trophy, presented the awards. Margaret Whyte, daughter of Mairi Turnbull, presented the new Mairi Turnbull Memorial Trophy to its first recipient, Sonia Harding who earned it with her presentation of the best pot lilium in show.

The full results were: Section 1 – cut flowers. Vase small decorative (5 blooms), J Lammie. Vase miniature decorative (5 blooms), 1 J Lammie. Vase medium or semi-cactus (3blooms), 1 N Cuthbert. Vase single agapanthus, 1 Myra Frost, 2 N Cuthbert, 3 Jo Totty. 4 pansies on board, 1 Mary Raeburn, 2 Tom McNeish. 4 violas on board, 1 Tom McNeish, 2 L Currie, 3 L Currie. Vase flowering shrubs, 1 L Currie. 6 roses, on board, 1 Charles Hendry, 2 Kate Henderson, 3 Lesley McLelland. 3 roses on board, 1 Tim McNeish, 2 C. Hendry, 3 N.Cuthbert. 1 Vase 1 Stem 1 large flowered rose (HT type), 1 Kate Henderson, 2 Kate Henderson.Vase, 3 stems rambler or old-fashioned roses, 1 Cathy Steed, 2 N. Cuthbert. Vase Phlox, (4 spikes), 1 Cathy Steed. 1 vase carnations, or pinks 6 stems, 1 Laura Currie. Vase asters any var 5 stems, 1 Janice Murray. Vase calendula (6 blooms), 1 Janice Murray. Vase African marigolds (5 blooms), 1 Janice Murray. Vase French marigolds (5 blooms), 1 Janice Murray, 2 Janice Murray, 3 Janice Murray. Vase gladioli, large flowering (3 spikes), 1 N Cuthbert. Vase gladioli, large flowering (2 spikes), 1 N Cuthbert,  2 N Cuthbert. Vase gladioli, large flowering (1 Spike), 1 Elizabeth Ross, 2 N Cuthbert, 3 Sue Thoroughgood. Vase sweet peas, one colour (12 stems), 1 Tom McNeish, 2 Tom McNeish. Vase sweet peas, mixed (12 stems), 1 Malcolm Wheeler, 2 Tom McNeish. Vase hardy herbaceous, mixed, 1 Myra Frost. Vase of single stem buddleia, 1 Alice Maxwell, 2 Alice Maxwell, 3 Sonia Harding. 2 vases mop head hydrangeas (2 blooms in each vase), 1 A Bilsland, 2 John Lammie, 3 Kate Henderson. 2 vases lace cap hydrangeas (2 blooms in each vase), 1 Sue Thoroughgood, 2 Sue Thoroughgood, 3 Angela Cassels.  Vase cut garden flowers, 1  Janice Murray, 2 Mairi Simpson, 3 Janice Murray. The Bank of Scotland Cup for best vase of sweet peas in the show: class 41 Malcolm Wheeler. The Hiles Muir Trophy for best exhibit of 3 spikes of gladioli: N Cuthbert. Silver Vase presented by the late Mrs Blain, for the best exhibit of 6 roses: Charles Hendry. The Dippen Lodge Challenge Cup. Presented by Hon Frances de Moleyns, for the best exhibit of hydrangeas: class 45 A Bilsland.  The John Sillars Cup for best exhibit of dahlias (classes 1 to 15): class 4 John Lammie. The Millennium Cup for the most 1st prizes in horticultural sections: Sally Brookes. The Archie Craig Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in section 1: m. Wheeler.

Section 2 – pot plants. Pot lilium, 1 Sonia Harding, 2 Sonia Harding. Pot plant, foliage (over 8” pot), 1 Cathy Steed. Pot plant, foliage (not more than 8” pot), 1 Carol Vella Boyle, 2 S Talbot. Pot geranium, zonal, 1 Laura Currie, 2 Laura Currie, 3 Elby Lang. Pot plant geranium, other, 1 Laura Currie, 2 Laura Currie, 3 Laura Currie. Pot petunia, 1 Laura Currie, 2 Laura Currie. Pot fuchsia – double (not more than 8” pot), 1 B Paulucy, 2 Laura Currie, 3 Laura Currie. House plant, flowering (up to 8” pot), 1 Laura Currie,2 R Philips, 3 A Bilsland. Orchid – flowering, 1 Emma Stevenson, 2 Morag Murchie, 3 Morag Murchie. Collection of 6 cacti and/or succulents, 1 A  Paulucy, 2 Angela Cassels. 6 cacti and/or succulents in one container, 1 A Cassels,  Jim  Jaur.  Cactus or succulent, 1 Janice Murray, 2 A Cassels, 3 A Cassels. Hanging Basket, 1 Tom McNeish.  Patio Pot, floral, 1 Tom McNiesh, 2 Unknown. The Lady Jean Fforde Cup presented for best exhibit in section: class 65 Janice Murray. The Roy Ure Tray for best pot fuchsia: B Paulucy.

Section 3 – decorative. Arrangement in a small teapot, 1 Sonia Harding, 2 Mary Raeburn, 3 Frances Wheeler. Spray (small) and 1 buttonhole, 1 Frances Wheeler, 2 R Roberts. Bowl of floating flowers, 1 Janice Murray, 2 Frances Wheeler. Wicker basket of cut flowers, 1 May Crawford, 2 Frances Wheeler. Flower arrangement – Music Fest, 1 Alice Maxwell, 2 May Crawford, 3 Frances Wheeler. Cameo, miniature exhibit not exceeding 4” overall, 1 Frances Wheeler. Floral art exhibit – Floral Crown, 1 Frances Wheeler, 2 May Crawford. Arrangement of dried materials, 1 Sue Thoroughgood, 2 Frances Wheeler. The Allen McKay memorial Quaich for best exhibit in section: Alice Maxwell. The Rhoda Henderson Memorial Cup for best exhibit in class 73: May Crawford.

Section 4 – fruit. 4 apples, 1 Tom Macaulay Smith, 2 Unknown 3 Emma Campbell. 4 plums, 1 H Hamilton. 10 blueberries, 1 E Ross, 2 A Maxwell, 3 B Paulucy. 20 redcurrants, 1 Fiona Carswell.  Tea plate any other fruit, 1A Maxwell,  2 A Bisland. Bunch grapes, 1 Tom Macauley Smith, 2 Tom McNeish, 3 Tom McNeish.

Section 5 – vegetables. 4 courgettes, 1 Hugh Hamilton, 2 Sally Brookes, 3 Sally Brookes. Marrow, for quality, any size, 1 Sally Brookes, 2 Iain Logan, 3 Sally Brookes. Pointed cabbage, 1 Alice Maxwell. Round cabbage, 1 Morag Murchie. Savoy cabbage 1 Lesley McLelland. Red cabbage, 1 Iain Logan. Head kale, 1 Sally Brookes. 3 carrots, long, 1 John O’Sullivan, 2 Sally Brookes, 3 Sally Brookes. 3 pot leeks, 1 John O’Sullivan. 3 long leeks, 1 Unknown, 2 Cathy Steed. 3 parsnips, 1 John O’Sullivan, 2 John O’Sullivan. 3 white, purple or yellow turnips, 1 Sally Brookes. Calabrese / broccoli – 2 heads, 1 Alice Maxwell. 3 onions grown from seed, 1 John O’Sullivan, 2 John O’Sullivan, 3 John O’ Sullivan. 3 globe onions grown from sets, 1 John O’Sullivan, 2 Ian Bremner, 3 John O’Sullivan. 6 Shallots, 1 Lesley McLellan. 2 lettuce, 1 Alice Maxwell, 2 Sonia Harding. 6 garden peas, 1 Iain Logan, 2 Ian Bremner, 3 Iain Logan. 6 pods broad beans, 1 Iain Logan, 2 Tom McNeish, 3 Sally Brookes. 6 pods runner beans, 1 John O’Sullivan, 2 Hugh Hamilton. 6 pods French beans, 1 Ian Bremner, 2 Ian Bremner, 3 John O’Sullivan. Bouquet of herbs, 1 Lesley McLelland, 2 Sally Brookes, 3 Sally Brookes. 3 stalks rhubarb, for quality, 1 Sally Brookes, 2 Sally Brookes, , 3 John O’Sullivan. 3 beetroot, globe, 1 Morag Murchie, 2 Morag Murchie. 2 heads of celery, 1 Sally Brookes, 2 Sally Brookes. 4 potatoes, white, 1 Lesley McLelland, 2 Lesley McLelland, 3 John O’Sullivan. 4 potatoes, coloured, 1 Lesley McLelland, 2 Alice Maxwell. 2 cobs sweet corn, 1 Sally Brookes, 2 Sally Brookes. Collection of vegetables, 6 kinds from above, garnishing allowed, 1 John O’Sullivan. 2 cucumbers, 1 Sally Brookes, 2 Sally Brookes, 3 Sally Brookes. 6 tomatoes, red, 1  1 Sally Brookes, 2 Tom McNeish,  3 Sally Brookes. 6 tomatoes, yellow, 1 Hugh Hamilton, 2 N Cuthbert, 3 A Cassels. Truss tomatoes, 1 Ian Bremner, 2 Sally Brookes. Any other vegetable not specified, 1 Alice Maxwell, 2 John O’Sullivan,  3 S Harding. Novelty vegetable, 1 Helena Paul, 2 John O’Sullivan. Basket or trug of mixed vegetables for the kitchen, 1 Lesley McLelland, 2 Sally Brookes, 3 Sally Brookes. The MacAndrew Cup for best exhibit in section: Lesley McLelland. The Orr Watt Cup for most points in section: Sally Brookes. Anne Middleton Trophy for best exhibit in potatoes: Lesley McLelland. Charles Revell Trophy for best collection of vegetables: John O’Sullivan. Eric Gregory Cup for best exhibit of onions: John O’Sullivan. NVS Medal for best dish in section: Iain Logan.

Section 6 – baking. 2 soda scones, 1 Morag Murchie, 2 Alison Henderson. 3 plain oven scones, 1 Sarah Crawford, 2 Alison Henderson, 3 Sarah Crawford. 2 individual quiches, 1 Rosemary Roberts, 2 Sarah Crawford. 3 pancakes, 1 Kate Henderson,  2 Elma Stevenson, 3 Morag Murchie. 3 Coburg cakes, 1 Alison Henderson, 2 Elizabeth Ross, 3 Elizabeth Ross. Victoria sponge with jam filling, 1 Morag Murchie, 2 Elizabeth Ross, 3 Alison Henderson. Gingerbread, 1 Sarah Crawford, 2 Sarah Crawford, 3 Rosemary Roberts. 3 shortbread fingers, 1 Alison Henderson, 2  Elizabeth Ross, 3 Elizabeth Ross. 3 empire biscuits, 1 Sarah Crawford, 2 Sarah Crawford, 3 Alison Henderson. 3 melting moments, 1 Alison Henderson. Lemon Drizzle cake, 1 Sarah Crawford, 2 Rhona Fulton, 3 Elma Stevenson. Banana loaf (1lb tin), 1 Elma Stevenson, 2 Neil Frost, 3 Emma Campbell. 1/4lb vanilla tablet, 1 Alison Henderson, 2 Pat Reid, 3 Laura Currie. White loaf, yeast hand made, 1 Elizabeth Ross, 2 Neil Frost, 3 Malcolm Wheeler. FC Hendersons Trophy for most points in section: Sarah Crawford.

Section 7 – produce. Jar raspberry jam, 1 Rosemary Roberts, 2 Rosemary  Phillips, 3 M Murchie. Jar rhubarb and ginger jam, 1 F Wheeler. Jar apricot jam, 1 M Murchie, 2 M Murchie. Jar of chutney, 1 M Murchie, 2 S Talbot, 3 F Wheeler. Jar jelly, any variety, 1 Jo Totty, 2 Kate Sampson, 3 Jo Totty. Jar lemon curd, 1 M Murchie, 2 R Roberts, 3 K Henderson. 1/2 dozen hen eggs, 1 M Murchie, 2 K Sayer, 3 Laura Currie. Jar Honey, 1 ABG, 2 ABG, 3 ABG.

Section 8 – handcrafts. Jumper, 1 Laura Glister, 2 Elma Stevenson. Baby garment, 1 Janice Murray, 2 Elizabeth Ross, 3 Elma Stevenson. Child’s garment, over 22” chest, 1 Elma Stevenson. Any knitted article using more than one colour, 1 Elma Stevenson, 2 Sarah Crawford. Any knitted article using less than 100gms, 1 Rhona Fulton, 2 Elma Stevenson, 3 Sarah Crawford. Any knitted article using more than 100gms, 1 Nancy Bremner, 2 Sarah Crawford. Any article made from recycled materials, 1 Hugh Hamilton, 2 Mairi Simpson, F. Wheeler. Article of crochet using less than 100gms of heavy yarn, 1 Elizabeth Ross, Elizabeth Ross. Article of crochet using more than 100gms of heavy yarn, 1 Nancy Bremner, 2 Elizabeth Ross. Article in canvas work, 1 Angela Cassels. Article in counted stitch, 1 Angela Cassels, 2 Angela Cassels, 3 Elizabeth Ross. Any article of embroidery, 1 Elizabeth Ross. Garment sewn, 1 Laura Glister. Soft toy knitted, 1 Janice Murray, 2 Elizabeth Ross. Soft toy sewn, 1 Janice Murray, 2 Janice Murray, 3 Elma Stevenson. Any work, any medium, 1 Elizabeth Ross, 2  Elizabeth Ross. Any article in any other craft, or using more than one craft, 1 Clive Harding,  2 Nancy Bremner, Elma Stevenson. 1st Birthday card, 1 Rosemary Roberts. Chris Hall Rosebowl for best exhibit in section: Angela Cassels. Illia Price Engraving Trophy for exhibitor with most points having exhibits in any two sections from sections 6,7,8: Elizabeth Ross.

Section 9 – children’s. Bouquet of leaves and grasses, no flowers, 1 Robert Dick, 2 Fiona Dick. Bouquet of leaves and grasses, no flowers, over 7 years, 1 Kirsty Hume, 2. Miniature garden, 1 Kirsty Hume, 2 Eve Glover, 3 Unknown. Bowl of floating flowers, 1 Kirsty Hume, 2 Kate McGovern, 3 Haley Glister. Posy in egg cup, 1 Kate McGovern, 2 Kirsty Hume,  3 Emma Henderson. Posy in teacup, 1 Noah Macauley Smith, 2 Hayley Glister, 3 Kirsty Hume. Colour photograph showing animals, 1 Jemma Totty, 2 Kate McGovern. Metalwork article, 1 Callum Glister, 2  Dan McGovern. Soft Toy, 11 years or over, 1 Kirsty Hume. Sewing or knitting, 1 Jemma Totty, 2 Jemma Totty, 3 Kirsty Hume. Picture in any medium, 1 Lily Glover, 2 Jemma Totty, 3 Kirsty Hume. Animal or figure made from fruit or vegetable, 1 Kate McGovern, 2 Gregor Campbell, 3 Shaila Campbell. 9 varieties of presses tree leaves, named, 1 Kirsty Hume. Edible necklace made from fruit, vegetables, nuts, sweets, etc, 1 Kirsty Hume, 2 Callum Glister, 3 Kate McGovern. Picture or collage using shells, beads, seeds etc, 1 Kirsty Hume, 2 Lily Glover, 3 Kate McGovern. 4 oven scones, 1 Lily Glover. Any other article made from recycled materials, 1Dan McGovern, 2 Jemma Totty, 3 Kate McGovern. The Jim Cassels Trophy for most meritorious exhibit in section: Callum Glister, Loch Ness Monster (metalwork). The MF Murchie Cup for best miniature garden: Kirsty Hume.

Section 10 -photographic. Black and white, any subject, 1 Callum Taylor, 2 Kate Sampson, 3 Frances Wheeler. Nature, animal or bird, 1 Kate Sampson, 2 Sheila Carswell, 3 Callum Taylor. Pictorial, flowers, trees, 1 Sheila Carswell, 2 Diana Carswell, 3 Elizabeth Ross. Pictorial, landscape, seascape 1 David Henderson, 2 Callum Taylor, 3 Susanna Talbot. Pictorial architecture, 1 Elizabeth Ross, 2 Callum Taylor, 3 Callum Taylor. Portrait or group, static or active, 1 David Henderson, 2 Kate Sampson, 3 Diana Carswell. Any other subject, 1 Kate Sampson, 2 Frances Wheeler, 3 Callm Taylor. Trophy for best entry in section: Callum Taylor.

Charles Hendry shows his exhibit of six roses which earned him the Silver Vase trophy. 01_B34hort01

Myra Frost stands besides her first place agapanthus. 01_B34hort02

John O’Sullivan with his prize winning parsnips which are extraordinarily long and unblemished. 01_B34hort03

John O’Sullivan with an impressive display of  his large onions that won the Eric Gregory Cup for the best exhibit of onion in show. 01_B34hort04

Vegetable perfection, John O’Sullivan with his vegetable display that earned him the Charles Revell trophy. 01_B34hort05

Sally Brookes took the Millennium Cup for the most first prizes in the horticultural section, including the tomatoes category which is fiercely contested. 01_B34hort06

Prolific producer Sally Brookes won the Orr Watt Cup for the most points in the vegetable section. 01_B34hort07

Norman Cuthbert with his Hiles Muir Trophy-winning three spikes of gladioli. 01_B34hort08

Noah Macaulay-Smith took a first prize for his posy in a teacup. 01_B34hort09

Sweet pea perfection, Malcolm Wheeler won the Archie Craig Memorial Trophy for his dahlias and the Bank of Scotland Cup for his sweet peas. 01_B34hort10

A deserving winner of the Rhoda Henderson Memorial Cup, May Crawford with her wicker basket of cut flowers and behind her, another impressive floral arrangement with the theme Music Festival. 01_B34hort11

Lily Glover with her first prize winning drawing. 01_B34hort12

Angela Cassels with her embroidery work which earned her the Chris Hall Rose bowl. 01_B34hort13

Young Rosalie helps dad Tony Macauley-Smith show off his certificates for his first prize apples and grapes. 01_B34hort14

Little winner Robert Dick with his first prize rosette for his bouquet of leaves and grasses in the six years and under category. 01_B34hort15

Kirsty Hume impressed the judges and earned herself the MF Murchie Cup for her amazingly detailed miniature garden. 01_B34hort16

Alice Maxwell with a flower arrangement which earned her the Allen McKay Memorial Quaich.  01_B34hort17

Angela Cassels presents Charles Hendry with the Mrs Blain Silver Vase for his display of roses. 01_B34hort18

Angela Cassels presents Janice Murray with the Lady Jean Fforde Cup for the best exhibit in the pot plant section. 01_B34hort19

Barbara Paulucy won the Roy Ure Tray for the best pot of fuchsias. 01_B34hort20

Winner of the most prizes in the horticultural section, Sally Brookes with the Millennium Trophy. 01_B34hort21

Visitors browse the photographic section. 01_B34hort22

Alice Maxwell was the winner of the Allen Mckay Memorial Quaich. 01_B34hort23

A rare but winning smile from John O’Sullivan who won the Charles Revell Trophy and the Eric Gregory Cup, both in the vegetable section. 01_B34hort24

Sarah Crawford won the FC Henderson Trophy for most points in the baking section. 01_B34hort25

Arran Horticultural Society president John Sillars presents the Chris Hall Rose Bowl to treasurer Angela Cassels for the best exhibit in the handcraft section. 01_B34hort26

Margaret Whyte presents Sonia Harding with the new Mairi Turnbull Memorial Trophy for the best pot lilium in the show. 01_B34hort27

Kirsty Hume receives the MF Murchie Cup for her miniature garden. 01_B34hort28

Elizabeth Ross with the IP Engraving Trophy for gaining the most points in any two sections.  01_B34hort29

An assortment of vegetables and fruit shows the variety of produce on display. 01_B34hort30

The flower section presents a vivid and fragrant display. 01_B34hort31

The tempting baking section. 01_B34hort32

Visitors browse the cut flower section. 01_B34hort33

Fruit and vegetables of all varieties are represented at the show. 01_B34hort34

The handcraft section receives a good number of entries each year. 01_B34hort35

All of the prize winners at this year’s Arran Horticultural Society Summer Show. 01_B34hort36