Pipes and passion at 132nd Brodick Highland Games

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All photos by Hugh Boag and Colin Smeeton

It was a year of anniversaries at this year’s Brodick Highland Games.

Not only was it the 132nd staging of the event but it was the 40th attendance at the games by compere Allan Pettigrew, who used to be a leading competitor. It was also the 25th time the always-popular Maybole Pipe Band had taken part.

And in another first, with 19 athletes taking part in the heavy events it was the biggest field in recent memory – although not all of them took part in every event. For the second year Arran’s own Yvonne Currie was among the competitors.

The weather turned out to be far better than everyone expected and the hot sunny day brought out the crowds – and the wasps – to Ormidale Park on Saturday to watch the days events unfold. Attendance at 3,572 through the gates was slightly down on last year and the previous year’s record, but every single person there appeared to have a great day.

Five pipe bands took part this year including, for the first time, the Isle of Arran Schools’ Pipe Band who were joined by Arran’s own senior band as well as Kilbarchan, the Isle of Cumbrae and, of course, Maybole.

Unfortunately earlier uncertainty over the weather saw the Highland dance competition set up in Brodick hall, which took away some of the spectacle on the field.

However, there was still plenty to do throughout the day as the crowds relaxed and soaked up the atmosphere at the many craft, charity and food and drink stalls while watching the running, heavy events, fancy dress and pillow-fighting on the field as well as the spectacle of the marching on the massed bands.

In addition to the heavy events there was the now annual Local Heroes Strongman Competition featuring giant tyre flipping and and other events. The field events were rounded off with the tug-of-war contest.

As the sun dropped it was time for the return march of the pipe bands to the pier with the pavements along Brodick shorefront lined with people, many of whom followed the bands for the traditional send off at the pier.

Secretary Sheila Gilmore said: ‘It was a joy to see Arran Schools Pipe Band playing and we look forward to hearing the youngsters’ progress as they become more established in their own right.

‘Many thanks to all who helped and volunteered before, during and after the day, who all helped the event go smoothly,’ she added.

Brodick Highland Games results 2019

1.  Fancy Dress: 1st Hari and Lucy Boss with Voilet Raines (Loch Ness Monster), 2ndAiden Henderson (Heavy Eventer)  3rd Betty Fleming (Katie Morag). 2. 25m Boys 3 & 4: 1st Frankie Lucas, 2nd George Breslin, 3rd Sam Breslin. 3. 25m Girls 3 & 4: 1st Frankie Scott, 2nd Sophia Scott, 3rd Amber Sims. 4.  50m Boys 5 & 6: 1stFinlay Rutherford-Buchanan, 2ndTommy Dutton,  3rd Gregor Campbell. 5. 50m Girls 5 & 6: 1st Kara Peesapapi, 2nd Tia McKinnon, 3rd Ruby McArthur.

6.     50m Boys 7 & 8: 1stToby Wilson, 2ndArran McLelland, 3rdLachlan McNicol. 7.  50m Girls 7 & 8: 1st Lola Finnegan, 2nd Emy Finnegan, 3rd Evie Clark. 8.  75m Boys 9 & 10: 1st Ryan Mitchell, 2nd Hector Robinson, 3rd Callum Monaghan. 9. 75m Girls 9 &10: 1st Lola Finnegan, 2nd Emy Finnegan, 3rd Isla Preston. 10. 100m Boys u-12: 1st Dylan Gee:, 2nd Charlie Ross,  3rd Harris McNicol.

11. 100m Girls u-12: 1st Shannon Brown, 2nd Emily Hunter, 3rd Kirsty Hume. 12.  100m Boys u14: 1st Jeremy Nobilit, 2nd Dylan Gee, 3rd Connor Norman. 13.  100m Girls u14: 1st Shannon Brown, 2nd Susannah Kay, 3rd Erin McCoregray. 14.  100m Boys u16: 1st Gavin Withers, 2nd Aidyn McMahon, 3rd Brian Saxton. 15.  100m Girls u16: 1st Niamh Murphy, 2nd Mary Jane MacInally.

16.  100m Men 16+: 1stSeamus Thomson, 2ndAlistair Eccleswood, 3rdMaxim Danihel. 17.  100m Women 16+: 1st Phoebe Lewis, 2nd Niamh Murphy, 3rd Isobel Carter. 18.  Pillow Fight 8-11yrs: 1st Ross Currie, 2nd Jamie Cameron. 19.  Pillow Fight 12-14yrs: 1st Louis Paton, 2nd Luke Connolly. 20.  Pillow Fight 15+: 1st Craig Houston, 2nd Alan Murray.

21.  Putting the Ball (open) 1st Paul Dearie, 2nd Graham Porterfield, 3rd Andrew Earle; 4th Craig Nicholson, 5th Steven Fraser.

22.  Throwing 28lb Weight for Distance: 1st Craig Nicholson, 2nd Steven Fraser, 3rd Paul Dearie, 4th Andrew Earle, 5th Dan Couthard. 23.  Tyre Flip: 1st J Malakoty, 2nd Andrew Earle, 3rd Steven Fraser, 4th Rory Gilmore, 5th Dan Couthard.

24.  800m Boys u14: 1st Jeremy Noblett, 2nd Jamie Cameron,  3rd Harris McNicol.

25.  800m Girls u14: 1st Aoibha Ballard, 2nd Lola Finnegan, 3rd Erin McCorgray. 26.  800m Boys u16: 1st Ryan Saxton, 2nd Angus Stoneham, 3rd Ben Burns. 27.  800m Girls u16: 1st Niamh Murray, 2nd Morven Hubbard, 3rd Mary Jane MacInally. 28.  800m Men 16+: 1st Fearghas Thomson, 2nd Drew Dutton, 3rd Nathan McColm. 29.  800m Women 16+: 1st Jennifer Martin, 2nd Holly Morrison, 3rd Chloe Norman.

30.  Throwing the Hammer, Scots Standing Style: 1st Paul Dearie, 2nd Craig Nicholson, 3rd G Peterfield,4th R Broom, 5th Ernie Weir. 31.  Push Pull Challenge: 1st Andrew Earle, 2nd J Malakoty, 3rd Steven Fraser. 32.  Throwing the 56lb Weight for Height: 1st Paul Dearie, 2nd Craig Nicholson, 3rdeq R Broom, R Gilmore & A Earle. 33.  Standing Triple Jump (men): 1stJacob Duan, 2nd Seamus Thomson, 3rd Fearghas Thomson. 33a.  Standing Triple Jump (women): 1st Phoebe Lewis, 2nd Kerri Brown, 3rd Carla Murray

34.  Lady Jean Cup, 100m Men, confined to Arran: 1st Archie McNicol, 2nd Calum Johnston, 3rd Robbie McDonald 35.  Bob Cameron Trophy, 100m Women, confined to Arran: 1st Beth McCarthy, 2nd Hazel Malakoti, 3rd Freya Webster. 36.  200m Boys u14: 1st Jeremy Noblett, 2nd Dylan Gee, 3rd Connor Norman. 37.  200m Girls u14: 1st Aoibha Ballard, 2nd Susannah Kay, 3rd Erin McCorgray.

38.  200m Boys u16: 1st Gavin Withers, 2nd Aiden McMahon, 3rd Ally Mitchell. 39.  200m Girls u16: 1st Niamh Murphy, 2nd Aoibha Ballard, 3rd Mary Jane McInally. 40.  200m Men 16+: 1st Seamus Thomson, 2nd Kit Diggan,  3rd Alastair Eccleswood. 41.  200m Women 16+: 1st Phoebe Lewis, 2nd Niamh Murphy, 3rd Isobel Carter. 42.  Tom Dickie Trophy Men 880yds confined to Arran: 1st Calum Johnston, 2nd Andrew Bunting.

43.  Tossing the Caber: 1stPaul Dearie, 2nd Craig Nicholson, 3rd Ernie Weir, 4th Steven Fraser, 5th A Butler. 44.  Ladies Tossing the Caber: 1st Yvonne Currie.

45.  1500m Boys u16: 1st Angus Stoneham, 2nd Archie Gunaydi, 3rd Myles Lindsay Smith. 46.  1500m Girls u16: 1st Niamh Murphy, 2nd Ellie Anderson, 3rd Mary Jane McInally. 47.  1500M men 16+: 1st Fearghas Thomson, 2nd Drew Dutton, 3rd Lee Shaw. 48.  1500m Women 16+: 1st Jennifer Martin, 2nd Holly Morrison, 3rd Chloe Cameron.

49.  Mixed Relay: 1st Kilmarnock Harriers, 2nd Granite City Harriers +1, 3rd Knacked Old Men. 50.  Tug-of-War: 1st Ormidale, 2nd Allstars.

Trophy winners

Wm Cook & Sons – Ernie Weir

Tom Dolan Challenge Trophy – Ernie Weir

Tom Dickie Trophy – Calum Johnston

The Lady Jean Fforde Cup – Archie McNicol

Bob Cameron Trophy – Beth McCarthy

Rodden Middleton Rosebowl – Paul Dearie

Rev James Currie Cup – Paul Dearie

Stewart Dickie Trophy –(Boys) Connor Norman

Stewart Dickie Trophy (Girls) – Shannon Brown

McMillan Trophy – Yvonne Currie

Local Strongman – Andrew Earle