Prices ‘above sellers expectations’ at Dalmally

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Kintyre took the honours at the fair day show and sale at Dalmally.

Dippen, East Laggan and Killowcraw shared the places between them, with Dippen taking first place for  bullock and heifer calves.

United Auctions had  326 cattle of all classes at the show and sale  and the event was sponsored by Davidson Animal Feeds, P McKerral & Co Ltd and Glenside Tractors.

Judging was in the capable hands of Sophie Watt, Aberdeen who made the following awards.

Bullock Calf: 1 Dippen; 2 East Laggan; 3 Dippen.  Heifer Calf:  1 Dippen; 2 Killocraw; 3 Dippen.  Pen of 4:  1 East Laggan; 2 Dippen.

Champion Calf, Dippen, a Limousin bullock £1,200 to M/s Watt.  Reserve Champion calf was an East Laggan Charolais Bullock £1150 to D Low, Aberdeen. Bullock Calves sold to average £1008; 79 per head or 216.5p per kilo (- 11.2 p per kilo).  Heifer Calves averaged £870.77 per head or 206.7p per kilo (- 7.2 p per kilo).

Stock sold to a large ringside of buyers and whilst trade was in keeping with current trends, price obtained were above sellers’ expectations.

Principal lots and prices


Aberdeen Angus: £1240(4) & £1230(4) Balegreggan; £1230(3) Carskiey Estate; £1190(4) Balegreggan; £1190(8) Carskiey Estate; £1150(2) Balegreggan; £1070(7) & £1060(2) Carskiey Estate; £1020 Ballochgair Farm.

Beef Short Horn : £870 Barnakill.

British Blue x: £1080 & £1070 Killocraw; £1060 Succothmore; £1010 Killowcraw; £1010 Succothmore.

Charolais: £1240 & £1190(5) Balegreggan; £1160 Kildavaig; £1150 East Laggan; £1100 Glenehervie; £1090, £1080 & £1060(4) East Laggan; £1050(2) Kildavaig; £1050(2) Glenehervie; £1040(4) & £1000(3) Dippen.

Hereford: £890 Kildavaig.

Limousin: £1240 Uigle Farm; £1200 & £1160 Dippen Farm; £1140 Killocraw; £1090 Uigle Farm; £1090 Achnaba Farm; £1080 –Killocraw; £1080 Strathnafanaig; £1080 Uigle Farm; £1060(4) Dippen; £1060 Ballochgair; £1050(2) Auchgoyle; £1040(2) Glenehervie; £1040 Achnaba Farm; £1040 9 Killeonan; £1020(3) & £1010 Low Dunashery; £1010(2) East Laggan; £1000(2) Dippen; £1000 Achnaba& East Laggan.

Salers: £740(2) Barnakill.

Simmental: £1150(4) & £950 Balegreggan.


Aberdeen Angusx: £1190, £1160(4), £1110(3) & £1050(2) Balegreggan.

British bluex: £1080 & £910 Killocraw.

Charolaisx: £1290 Dippen; £1150(5) Balegreggan; £1100(3) Dippen; £1060 East Laggan; £1040 Dippen; £1010(2) Glenehervie.


£1100 & £1050 Uigle; £1030 Killocraw; £1000 Low Dunashery; £990(4) Uigle Farm.


£1060(2) Balegreggan.

Top prices per kilo


Aberdeen Angusx: 225p(8) Carskiey Estate.

British Bluex: 244p & 235p Killocraw; 231p & 226p Succothmore; 222p Killocraw.

Charolaisx: 244p Dippen; 242p(6) Barnakill; 234p Glenehervie; 232p(3) Dippen; 230p Marchfield; 228p& 227p(2) East Laggan; 225p Barnakill; 224p(4) East Laggan; 223p(2) Glenehervie; 221p(4) Dippen; 221p(2) Kildavaig.

Limousinx: 265p(2) Auchgoyle; 254p Low Dunashery; 251p(2) East Laggan; 250p Strathnafanaig; 249p(2) & 248p Achnaba; 248p 9 Killeonan; 246p(2) Auchgoyle; 242p(2) Killocraw; 242p Achnaba; 238p(3) Low Dunashery; 238p, 235p & 234p(3) Killocraw; 233p(4) Uigle Farm; 232p Achnaba; 232p(2) Dippen; 227p Strathnafanaig; 226p East Laggan; 226p 9 Killeonan; 226p Marchfield.

SALx: 222p(2) Barnakill.

Simmentalx: 243p Fingal’s View; 222p Barnakill.


Aberdeen Angusx: 200p(3) Balegreggan.

British Bluex: 247p, 243p & 235p Killocraw Farm.

Charolaisx: 260p &228p(3) Dippen; 226p East Laggan.

Limousinx: 244p(3) Uigle Farm; 243p Killocraw; 237p Uigle Farm; 237p(2) Achnaba; 235p Strathnafanaig; 235p Killocraw; 232p(2) Auchgoyle; 230p(2) & 228p Killocraw; 228p & 227p(7) Low Dunashery; 227p(5) Auchgoyle; 226p East Laggan.

Simmentalx: 209p Fingal’s View.

Bulling Heifers

£770, £730 Muckairn; £720 Strone Estate; £710 Muckairn.