Arran Banner Letters – week 31

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Save our cheese


Along with many others, I was dismayed and troubled to read the sad news of the end of cheese making at Torrylinn Creamery. But I am struggling to understand why.

A world class, award-winning product. Dedicated, expert staff. Supporter of local dairy farms on Arran. Tourist attraction at the south end of the island just up the road from a brand new distillery which is already attracting similar footfall and custom. Local retailer support. A perfect exemplar of a local, quality food product that tastes, wonderfully, of the place it is made. So much going for it, and yet, apparently, it cannot survive. Why not?

Is it for lack of investment? Well, how much is required? Is it only cash? What other resources are needed?

It cannot be for a lack of goodwill, which is clearly evident, from ordinary people who laud this cheese as the essential ingredient for the best cheese toasties ever, to the lofty heights of our Scottish Government, who were apparently ready and waiting to supply whatever was needed.

Small artisan cheese makers elsewhere can be successful, so why not here? With all the expertise and skill we have on Arran at making, marketing and exporting world class produce, with a bit of island ingenuity and a sense of urgency, can we find some way to save Torrylinn?

Has the time come for a community-led initiative that can allow this facility to flourish, the jobs to be saved, the local milk to continue to be produced, and our toasties to remain world class?


Helena Paul

Whiting Bay


Concert complaint


As a resident of Hamilton Terrace in Lamlash,  I would like to complain about the siting of this year’s Rock and Blues Festival on Lamlash Green.

The Green is in the heart of a residential area, and I think it offensive that we were bombarded by very loud music, day and night, for two successive days. Not everyone enjoys that kind of music, and it’s a violation of our civil rights to have it thrust upon us.

Let them find a less populous site for next year’s event – the Ormidale for instance.

Dr Eliezer Shenhav



Hearts and minds


I am led to understand that the Scottish Salmon Company have bombarded Arran residents with pamphlets outlining their plans for a mega-fish farm near Lochranza. Since the envelopes were addressed to The Resident I can only assume that this was an island wide propaganda dissemination aimed at winning over residents to their destructive plans.

Might I suggest to the owners of SSC that if they wish to win the hearts and minds of Arran residents they might consider trying to be honest and transparent in their dealings instead? They could also take into account the opinions of locals who have made their feeling most clear, but have largely been ignored.

This futile attempt does nothing more than further raise the ire of myself and many others who oppose being treated like idiots and having our opinions bulldozed by this multinational company. There are ways of going about things, and once again SSC have shown themselves to take the route of foisting things upon us rather than working with, or listening to, concerned residents.


Edward Tilbury

Forfar and Arran


Fish farm mail


An absolutely enormous envelope was delivered to my house in Arran this morning. On opening it I found nothing more than a single unfolded sheet printed on just one side and a small glossy pamphlet – four small pages. It included a tiny map so tiny you couldn’t read the name of a single place on it even with a large magnifying glass!

Thank you anyhow. It shows as clearly as could be what kind of a firm the Scottish Salmon Company is. Nothing but show to a quite absurd degree, no respect for the planet in wasting paper in this way, undoubtedly as empty in all it says about itself as was the huge envelope they used.


Peter Finlay

High Corrie


Concert correction


Thank you for the excellent publication of the article I submitted on the home concert in last week’s Banner.

I must make one small correction though, the email address for those who wish to participate in future events should of been:


Sharon Shenhav