Haunted Hallowe’en happenings on Arran

A ghoulish gathering of Brodick Primary School's P4,5 and 6s.

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In our second instalment of Hallowe’en celebrations which took place across Arran we present a snapshot of the rest of the parties which the Arran Banner attended.

At Brodick Primary School, children dressed for the occasion, enjoyed traditional games and took part in fun competitions, many of them involving enthusiastic and active dancing, to earn themselves sweet prizes.

The traditional Montrose House Hallowe’en evening attracted a large gathering of young guisers who performed for the care home residents in order to receive tasty treats and a goodie-bag to take home with them. Residents, this year, were treated to jokes, songs, dancing and even a few magic tricks.

Over in Shiskine Village Hall where an evening of traditional games is the highlight of many a young guiser’s Hallowe’en plans, children enthusiastically took part in fun games along with the liberal handing out of toys and sweet prizes. Besides the usual dooking for apples and eating jam pancakes, children enjoyed dancing and running games and some convinced their parents to join in on the fun.

Altogether, Hallowe’en on Arran has been a week-long celebration with fun activities taking place at various village halls and schools. It has also once again been a welcome introduction to the start of the cold, dark winter nights that lay ahead.


Still as a statue, Brodick pupils freeze when the music stops. 01_B45BPS01

A brightly coloured clown shows off his best dance moves. 01_B45BPS02

A vampire princess and cat-woman enjoy dancing at their school Hallowe’en party. 01_B45BPS03

A ghoulish gathering of Brodick Primary School’s P4,5 and 6s. 01_B45BPS04

The monsters parade, children walk around the hall during the costume judging. 01_B45BPS05

Many children went to great lengths to come up with elaborate costume ideas. 01_B45BPS06

Mrs Anne Watts lets the children select a sweet treat during the Hallowe’en party.  01_B45BPS07

A fantastic Halloween Party was enjoyed by the Brodick Early Years children. 01_B45BPS08

Montrose House

Jenson and Kellen join mum Marie-louise Craig at Montrose House where they performed for residents. 01_B45montrose01

Two scary guisers tell Montrose House residents Hallowe’en themed jokes. 01_B45montrose02

A joke-telling wizard was one of the many children that visited the Brodick residential care home. 01_B45montrose03

Luca and Joey Duncan perform magic tricks which were appreciated by their hosts. 01_B45montrose04

A young Star Wars fan dooks for an apple after his performance. 01_B45montrose05

Montrose House residents enjoy one of their young visitors’ songs. 01_B45montrose06

Grace Popplewell received a large round of applause for her dancing performance.  01_B45montrose07

Young guisers at the ready, children arrive in large numbers to visit the residents of Montrose House. 01_B45montrose08

Isla and her young sister Tia McKinnon impressed with their singing duet. 01_B45montrose09

Staff and volunteers ensured that there were plenty of treats, including chocolate covered apples, for young guisers. 01_B45montrose10


A Shiskine reveller uses both hands digging for treats. 01_B45shiskine01

A vampire princess rummages for sweets in a bowl of coloured sticky spaghetti. 01_B45shiskine02

Hands in the air, a jedi and ghost stand on a piece of paper and raise their hands when the music stops. 01_B45shiskine03

Well-dressed girls enjoy the fun games at Shiskine Hall. 01_B45shiskine04

Shiskine guisers line up for the costume judging. 01_B45shiskine05

Guisers line up to tell the audience who they are dressed up as. 01_B45shiskine06

A Charlie Chaplin impersonator complete with hat and cane. 01_B45shiskine07

Shiskine’s older children line up for the costume judging. 01_B45shiskine08

Dooking for apples between fits of laughter at Shiskine Village Hall. 01_B45shiskine09

A young dooker gets a hand with her wings while dooking for apples. 01_B45shiskine10

Katie was impressed with dad Stuart Fleming’s apple dooking. 01_B45shiskine11

Two children show their support for mum who was convinced to dook for apples. 01_B45shiskine12

Heads in the bowl, dads are convinced to have a go at apple dooking. 01_B45shiskine13

Rummaging for sweet treats at Shiskine’s Hallowe’en party. 01_B45shiskine14

A young bat-girl is unafraid of sifting through the wet noodles in search of sweet treats. 01_B45shiskine15