All the 2018 games results

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Fancy Dress: 1st Hari Boss (MV Caledonian Isles), 2nd Betty Fleming (Donald Trump)  3rd Sophie Bentley (Catwoman)

25m Boys 3 & 4: 1st Evan Clark, 2nd Alex Tinto, 3rd Gregor Campbell. 25m Girls 3 & 4: 1st Jessica Stirling, 2ndCharlotte Barr.

50m Boys 5 &6: 1st Kyle McIntyre, 2nd Charlie Gilchrist,  3rd Charlie Gilmore. 50m Girls 5 & 6: 1st Mali Ross, 2nd Layla McGunnigle, 3rd Isla Chadwick

50m Boys 7 & 8: 1s tMatt Moore, 2nd Kyle Jesensky, 3rd Arran McLellan. 50m Girls 7 & 8: 1stEmma Burns, 2ndEvie Clark, 3rdJulietta Gray

75m Boys 9 & 10: 1stHarry Gilmore, 2ndRyan Johnstone, 3rdMyles Lindsay-Smith. 75m Girls 9 &10: 1stShannon Brown, 2ndErin Jesensky, 3rdRhea Webster

100m Boys u-12: 1st Connor Norman:, 2nd Dylan Gee, 3rd Charlie Russ.  100m Girls u-12: 1st Susannah Kay, 2nd Shannon Brown, 3rd Scarlett Carulla

100m Boys u14: 1st Ben Burns, 2nd Jonathon Downie, 3rd Connor Norman. 100m Girls u14: 1stLeah Murray, 2ndIsla McKelvie, 3rdAoibha Ballard

100m Boys u16: 1st Aidyn McMahon, 2nd Elliot Wilkins, 3rd Peter Bradshaw. 100m Girls u16: 1st Isabel Carter, 2nd GiannaNesti, 3rd Georgia Norman.

100m Men 16+: 1st Calum McWilliam, 2nd Seamus Thomson, 3rd Alastair Eccles. 100m Women 16+: 1st Phoebe Lewis, 2nd Katy McConnell, 3rd Carla Murray.

Lady Jean Cup, 100m Men, confined to Arran: 1st Archie McNicol, 2nd Tom Nichol, 3rd Andrew Rigby

Bob Cameron Trophy, 100m Women, confined to Arran: 1st Isla McKelvie, 2nd Fiona Clarke, 3rd Theresa Brookes.

200m Boys u14: 1st Ben Burns, 2nd Jonathon Downey , 3rd Connor Norman. 200m Girls u14: 1st Emily Bradshaw, 2nd Susannah Kay, 3rd Amy Dixon.

200m Boys u16: 1st Aidyn McMahon, 2nd Peter Bradhsaw, 3rd Ben Burns. 200m Girls u16: 1st Isabel Carter, 2nd Gianna Nesti, 3rd Kerry Brown

200m Men 16+: 1st Calum McWilliam, 2nd Seamus Thomson,  3rd Alastair Eccles. 200m Women 16+: 1st Katy McConnell, 2nd Phoebe Lewis, 3rd Chloe Norman

800m Boys u14: 1st Jonathon Downey, 2nd Ben Burns, 3rd Alasdair MacIver. 800m Girls u14: 1st Adele Street, 2nd Sophie McCallum, 3rd Leah Murray.

800m Boys u16: 1stPeter Bradshaw, 2nd Eliott Wilkins, 3rd Cameron Fry. 800m Girls u16: 1st Megan Pettigrew, 2nd Emma Donachy, 3rd Leah Murray.

800m Men 16+: 1st Fearghas Thomson, 2nd Alastair McKinlay, 3rd Jon Healey. 29.  800m Women 16+: 1st Chloe Norman, 2nd Emma Donachy, 3rd Carla Murray.

Tom Dickie Trophy Men 880yds confined to Arran: 1st Tom Nichol, 2nd George Doubleday, 3rd Andy McNamara.

1500m Boys u16: 1st Peter Bradshaw, 2nd Angus Stoneham. 1500m Girls u16: 1st Adele Street, 2nd Ellie Anderson, 3rd Lara Wood

1500M men 16+: 1st Fearghas Thomson, 2nd Peter Bradshaw, 3rd Chad Pickering. 1500m Women 16+: 1st Emma Donachy, 2nd Carla Murray, 3rd Fiona Clarke.

Mixed Relay: 1st Giffnock North, 2nd Team Thomson, 3rd NAAC-kered

Standing Triple Jump (open): 1st Seamus Thomson, 2nd Fearghas Thomson, 3rd Lachlan Thomson

Tug-of-War: 1st Ormidale, 2nd Littlejohns.

Pillow Fight 8-11yrs: 1st Charlie Ross, 2nd Daisy Innes. Pillow Fight 12-14yrs: 1st Gordon McIntrye, 2nd Josh Kabish. Pillow Fight 15+: 1st Gemma Gilmore, 2ndTony Fitzgerald.

Heavy events

Putting the Ball (open) 1st Daniel Dorrow, 2nd Willie Falconer, 3rd Andrew Earle, 4th Craig Nicholson, 5th Pete Hart.

Throwing 28lb Weight for Distance: 1st Daniel Dorrow, 2nd Willie Falconer, 3rd Craig Nicholson, 4th Pete Hart, 5th Andrew Earle.

Throwing the 56lb Weight for Distance: 1st Danial Dorrow, 2nd Pete Hart, 3rd Willie Falconer, 4th Craig Nicholson, 5th Ernie Weir.

Throwing the Hammer, Scots Standing Style: 1st Daniel Carlin, 2nd Craig Nicholson, 3rd Scott Clark, 4th Andrew Earle, 5th Ernie Weir

Throwing 56lb weight for Height: 1stEqual Daniel Dorrow and Pete Hart, 3rd equal Willie Falconer and Craig Nicolson, 5th Dr Rory Gilmore

Tossing the Caber: 1st Pete Hart, 2nd Daniel Dorrow, 3rd Willie Falconer, 4th Craig Nicholson, 5th Ernie Weir.

Special Challenge Caber: 1st Pete Hart.


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Wm Cook & Sons –Ernie Weir

Tom Dolan Challenge Trophy – Ernie Weir

Tom Dickie Trophy – Tom McNicol

The Lady Jean Fforde Cup – Archie McNicol

Bob Cameron Trophy – Isla McKelvie

Rodden Middleton Rosebowl – Daniel Dorrow

Rev James Currie Cup – Daniel Dorrow

Stewart Dickie Trophy – (Boys) Connor Norman

Stewart Dickie Trophy – (Girls)  Susannah Kay

McMillan Trophy – Kenny Morrison