|Arran Banner letters special – week 47

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Readers give very mixed views of new ferry terminal

The exclusive Arran Banner photos inside the new Brodick Ferry Terminal certainly got our readers talking this week. Many took to social media to express their views and a really mixed bag of views was the result. Here we reprint just some of the comments expressed.

That’s a lo-o-ong walk.

At least it is flat. The gangplank is steep and awkward at times!

It’s only flat at the moment because it’s not being used. It is designed to go up and down with the tide. So at low tide, you’ll be going uphill getting off the ferry!

Please, stop complaining about something that hasn’t been tried yet. Let’s try it out first. We can’t change the building or walkway. If it doesn’t work, then it will be time to look for solutions.

You’re getting a brand new ferry, new office and an enclosed tunnel so you don’t even get wet in bad weather…get a grip people.

This does absolutely no pride to Arran. Looks exactly like thousands of airports all over the world. And it seems totally ill conceived from the outside. The technical designer (no real architect would have designed this obscenity) was probably blind.

Can’t believe people are moaning about the length of the walkway,would then rather stand outside in wind and rain as they have to at the moment!  As for Ardrossan it isn’t that bad.

I still want to know how people with mobility problems are to get to the ferry that is a very long walk along the glass walkway. Nobody from CalMac has answered my question.

The problem is it’s a lot further to walk than now and a lot of people who can just about manage to walk on the ferry now won’t manage the distance of the new walkway. A lot more people are going to need assistance.

Knowing CalMac I’m sure that there will be a solution for people with mobility problems as the staff have always looked after anyone needing help. I can’t understand why some people would think that would change.

This looks very similar to the one at Oban ferry terminal. It’s actually nice and at least passengers will be sheltered from bad weather etc getting on/off the ferry. The length of the new walkway is roughly the same distance from the old ferry terminal building to the old gangway, I would imagine?

If I was a foot passenger, I’d be offering randomers a few quid to get a lift off the boat just to avoid that tunnel. It’ll be painfully slow. Unless maybe they divide it in two and designate a slow lane.

If my memory serves me right it really doesn’t look any longer that the old railway tunnel at Ardrossan before they updated things there back in the day and I don’t hear anyone complaining about how long it takes people to walk to the railway line from the ferry at Ardrossan.

Looks like an airport departure lounge and walkway! If its wide enough have a wee buggy to ferry the people that will have difficulty get on and off.

I hope the bus times will be altered to reflect the increased disembarkation times, especially when stuck behind drunk golfers coming off the 7am ferry

Not opening yet because it’s not finished yet! Workmen still all over it!

Apparently the lift needs fixed and they need to add more bits for the boat to be tied up too … just what I’ve heard not sure how true though.

There’s been a company installing extra bollards there last week. They didn’t have enough to tie up to overnight.

Cold and impersonal not what Arran is all about

With all that space available I still fail to see why they couldn’t have put an escalator in.

Could do with being a bit more cold and uncomfortable looking?

Is it wide enough for people getting off to pass those boarding?

How long will it take to get folk off and on the ferry. Think the present 20 minutes turn around is going to be a tad ambitious.

I can not see a simple item of betterness to what we have. Instead of molesting the Brodick side, the government should better have rectified Ardrossan. Our side is still fit for another decade when the pylons would have been reinforced.

Feel sorry for my dad and many others who can’t walk long distances looking at that corridor.

A lot of islanders are going to be stranded at home as they can’t make the journey , also people with claustrophobia or likes of my mum trying to carry a bag and stick that distance … and then there are stairs too. Only thinking of people with cars.

I don’t think I could make that walk either as I’m struggling to walk with my aches n pains and dodgy knees and back … it’s ridiculous.

I saw it was I was up in August but looking from that point of view it looks so much longer. What a shame, all that money and not a lot of thought for the locals.

I’m sure (like an airport) there will be staff on hand to assist people along the walk way.

They have a similar, if not longer, walkway for the Stena Line ferries at Cairnryan and Belfast. Staff assist those with mobility issues and I believe, like an airport, they will have wheelchairs and stuff to use. In this day and age these things will not get approval without consideration.

I’m sure the walkway is a lot easier as its flat and smooth unlike the gangway in my opinion is not disabled friendly at all. I’m confident there will be a lift for wheelchair users and disabled people. CalMac will have taken all that into account.

Looks great but, oh me, what a long way for less able folk to walk … how is that going to work?

Would it have cost that much more to incorporate a travelator on the walkway ?

Why worry it’s only taxpayers value for money and Arran’s financial future – suggested read – Who pays the Ferryman by Roy Pedersen.

CalMac’s solution to a lady who previously wrote to them explaining her expected difficulties was – use the Lochranza ferry – see Arran Banner letter approx eight weeks ago.

It takes five minutes to walk of the boat normally , now it looks like it’ll take 15 minutes. Will the buses amend their waiting times for folk being delayed getting of the boat? If not that’s a recipe for disaster

Looks very basic.

Looks very cold and impersonal.