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Utter disgrace
I am disgusted about the experience of Gail Robinson (Arran Banner, letters July 15).
This is without doubt an utter disgrace. Nobody in this day and age should have to suffer anything like this at all. Why didn’t the notice tell the opening hours of the library? Then this poor lady might have stood a chance of getting to a toilet in time.
However, these toilets on Arran should never have been closed in the first place. What on earth are you expecting people to do? This is 2017, not 1817.
You in your council offices should be deeply ashamed of yourselves and it would serve you right if people stopped visiting
Arran after hearing of this family’s plight.
Oh, and by the way, I won’t be coming either until this disgraceful state of affairs is put to rights.
P M Trousdale,
West Yorkshire.

Confidence needs to be restored
During my time as a local member on North Ayrshire Council (NAC), I was delighted beyond dreams when the then administration, along with good and far-seeing senior social work officers, agreed to the building of the new Montrose House and the purchase of a new site for it against the policy of the council at that time to close care homes in favour of care in the community.
It was acknowledged that islands have different needs and priorities, and the need for respite care on a local island basis is fundamental and now urgent on Arran. It concerns me greatly as a member of the Arran community that this magnificent new facility is unable to fulfil its full function because of a lack of staff.
As an observer, I submit that NAC needs to offer extra incentive in a positive recruitment drive to attract potential local staff and young trainees, perhaps with open days or sessions within Montrose House.
Time has moved on since NAC and the Care Commission were responsible for the dismissal of long-standing and much loved staff, but people have not forgotten this chapter and, perhaps, a repair is necessary to restore confidence in the council as an employer in the residential care sector. The need for Montrose House is greater than ever for an ageing island population.
Margie Currie,

Short-sighted bureaucracy
My grandparents spent holidays on Arran at the first half of the 20th century.
My mother (now 92) spent her childhood and teenage years at Kildonan and later enjoyed Whiting Bay, Brodick and latterly Lamlash.
My sister and I enjoyed holidays in Brodick, then as students worked summers in Lamlash hotels.
Our children, now all grown, return from the south of England, Hong Kong and Myanmar to enjoy the Arran they loved as children.
Now another generation is being brought to the island we all love, but short-sighted bureaucracy
has deemed that they will never know the enjoyment of sitting on a swing or roundabout with a bag of chips or ice cream or having fun with friends.
Arran is a holiday destination – visitors are more than essential. No public toilets was bad enough, but no play parks is sheer short-sighted stupidity.
Think again, councillors.
Muriel Searl,

Terminal, not a theme park
A gangway, now called a passenger access system, is to cost £1.5 million and is being made in Spain. Meanwhile, North Ayrshire Council closes toilets and playgrounds. Has the world gone completely mad?
It is no surprise that this system is delayed as it is obviously a very complicated piece of engineering. When it breaks down must we wait for an engineer from Spain to come and fix it.
As for myself, and, I suspect, many others, I am not disheartened. In fact, the longer the delay in opening this terminal, the better as I am not looking forward to being forced to use it, like a hamster in a tube.
CMAL talks as if it is building a theme park. We do not need to enjoy this terminal experience or have fun in it. It is there purely to get us off and on a boat quickly and efficiently, which it is obviously not going to do.
Alistair Glen,

Toilet tax
Remember pier dues? These were the very modest charges collected from every ferry passenger to maintain the pier. Today, Arran has another vital service that needs support, namely our public toilets. Since North Ayrshire Council cannot or will not pay for our facilities, does a simple remedy not present itself? We could call it the loo levy or the toilet tax (no jokes, please, about the pee-er dues). With RET fares, the charge would be inconsequential and provide Arran with public toilets fit for Scotland in miniature.
Diana Burns,

Camera found
On Tuesday July 18 I found a Lumix DMC camera with carrying case and accessories in the Devil’s Punchbowl beneath Cioch na h Oighe. I have handed this in to the police station in Lamlash.
Kenny Walker,

Arran golf

I am a student at the University of Aberdeen. I am entering my fourth year in September and have chosen to write my dissertation on ‘Why do golfers come to Arran?’
My aim is to gather data from both residents and tourists to find out why the Isle of Arran is a popular destination for golfing tourists. I have been visiting Arran every summer since I was born and am visiting Arran this summer from August 5 to 19.
I would be very grateful if anyone is able to participate in a short interview between these dates. My email address is w.graham.
Will Graham,
Aberdeen University.