Basking sharks around the Isle of Arran

arranbaskingsharkb42shk01A large number of basking sharks have been spotted in the waters around Arran in the past two weeks.

Jackie Newman of Lamlash told The Banner: ‘Within 10 minutes of setting off in search of basking sharks I was rewarded with my first glimpse.

‘The shores around the island seem to be alive with these mighty beasts. Although I only travelled between Machrie and round the north end as far as Sannox I saw 10 close in to shore.

‘Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the world and can be up to 10 metres long and weight up to seven tonnes. They are easy to spot as they slowly meander at about three miles/five km an hour near the surface.

‘On the surface they appear greyish brown and create a distinctive profile.’

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