Eric’s crowing rooster spared from the chop


Eric Gregory

A noisy cockerel in Whiting Bay has been the source of complaints to the council in recent weeks.

While most of the hundreds of complaints received each year by NAC’s environmental health department usually concern uncollected rubbish or pest control, this complaint is about a loquacious rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do.

The bird, which belongs to Eric Gregory of Ingleside, apparently crows too loudly in the morning and a neighbour has protested to the council about the noise.

Mr Gregory said: ‘Someone has complained about my rooster crowing in the morning and a man from Environmental Health knocked on my door earlier this month.

‘I have had hens in Arran for more than 40 years and so have many other people and nobody has heard of this.

‘Most people are happy to hear the sound of a rooster crowing. Am I paranoid to think that someone doesn’t like me?’

Mr Gregory told The Banner that he has spoken to all of his nearest neighbours, all of whom are perfectly happy and don’t have a problem with the rooster.

In a letter to the council he said: ‘You have spoilt my sleep. I am 70 this year and live quietly, on my own with my pets.

‘Now I am retired I want to enjoy it without something as stupid as this.

‘This is a small community and my friends agree with me and are determined to find out who has done this.

‘I want an explanation from NAC’s environmental health department.’

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